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Using Chemical Drain Unblockers Can Result In A Septic Repair Being Necessary

Down to Earth Construction Services know how annoying it is when you pull the plug on your sink and the water doesn’t drain away. Luckily there are a lot of drain unblocking products on the market which quickly deal with blockages. However no matter how easy and tempting it is to use one of these […]

Look After Your Septic System Bacteria Or You May Require A Septic Repair

Down to Earth Construction Services have found that many property owners, even those with septic systems, are not aware that for your septic system to work properly there needs to be a balance of bacteria which help breakdown waste so it can be processed. It is important to not disrupt this balance because then your […]

Septic Designs Provided For Many Different Types Of Properties and Client

Down to Earth Construction Services have a vast amount of experience and expertise in the septic industry. We are able to use this knowledge to provide septic designs for our clients that best fit their needs and also the environment that the system will be placed. For example the septic system that is designed to […]

Septic Installation Starting In Rochester MA

Down to Earth Construction Services has a septic installation starting today in Rochester MA. We are installing a septic system for a customer who needed to replace an old, outdated failing septic system. When septic system failure occurs, the conditions they create are dangerous! These can include:   Hazardous sewage surfacing in yard Health hazards […]

When Do You Need A Title 5 Septic Inspection?

Down to Earth Construction Services has Title 5 Septic Inspections scheduled for customers today in Fairhaven, Mattapoisett, Fall River, Marion and Freetown MA.   Massachusetts requires that you have a Title 5 Septic Inspection in the following instances: Within 2 years before a sale. If weather conditions prevent inspection at the time of a sale, […]

You Need To Protect Your Septic System’s Leach Field

Down to Earth Construction Services are experienced repairing all parts of your septic system. We have found that many property owners who have a septic system are aware that their system has a septic tank but are often unaware of their systems’ leach field, its purpose or its location. This makes it much more likely […]

Cesspool Replacements and Cesspool Services Provided

Down to Earth Construction Services have been contacted by a customer in Wrentham MA who require a cesspool replacement. We also have cesspool services scheduled today in Bellingham, Blackstone, Franklin, Upton and Uxbridge MA. As stated on Mas Gov: “A cesspool is a pit which acts as both a settling chamber for solids and a […]

To Avoid A Septic Problem Be Aware Of What Should Not Be Flushed

Down to Earth Construction Services provide advice to their customers to ensure that they use their septic systems correctly and are therefore less likely to have a septic system problem. It is important to take good care of your septic system so you should know which items should never be flushed down the drain or […]

Septic Installation Starting in Bolton MA

Down to Earth Construction Services are starting a septic installation today for a customer in Bolton MA. We have been working in this region for over a quarter of a century and can use all of this construction and septic experience to ensure that your septic installation is quickly, professionally and correctly carried out. We […]

Septic Inspection In Addition To Clearing Undergrowth In Norton MA

Down to Earth Construction Services are always prepared to do that little bit more for our customers when they need it. Today we have a septic inspection scheduled in Norton MA and in addition to the inspection we are also clearing the undergrowth prior to the inspection so that it is possible and taking pictures […]