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Realtors Refer Down to Earth Construction Services for Title 5 Inspections

Down to Earth Construction Services know that when you decide to sell your home you are likely to require a Title 5 Septic Inspection to be done if you have a Septic System and are not on town sewer. Luckily most of us use a realtor who will advise us on all of the aspects […]

Experienced Diagnosing Septic System Problems and Repairing Them

Down to Earth Construction Services is experienced diagnosing problems and repairing septic systems and leach fields/ drainfields. We have been called in for a leach field repair in Acushnet MA which has been caused by irregular pumping of the septic system. A septic tank should be pumped every 3 – 5 years depending on various […]

Septic Inspections Protect You From Public Health Threats

Down to Earth Construction Services know that: “across the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, failing septic systems and cesspools are a major cause of contaminated drinking water, tainted shellfish beds and polluted beaches. Title 5 of the State Environmental Code protects you, your family and your neighbors from these public health threats by requiring inspection of private […]

What is a Septic System?

Down to Earth Construction Services are always happy to answer questions customers have about their septic systems. Maybe the most important questions is ‘What is a septic system? Septic systems are individual wastewater treatment systems (conventional septic systems, innovative/alternative (I/A) systems, or cesspools) that use the soil to treat small wastewater flows, usually from individual […]

Providing Environmentally Conscious Septic Designs

Down to Earth Construction Services have a septic design consultation in our Norton office for a client with a property in Swansea MA. We have extensive experience working with clients in this area which means that we have the septic solutions for customers who have properties in close proximity to the ocean, waterfronts or wetlands. […]

Septic Installation From Excavation Onwards

Down to Earth Construction Services have a septic system installation starting today in Taunton MA. Our Norton MA based company is extremely experienced installing septic systems properly based on local and state requirement. Our experienced installers and repair staff understand the strict requirements placed on septic repair and installations and ensure our work meets these […]

Septic Installation for an Entire Septic System Including the Septic Tank, Leach Field and D-Box.

Down to Earth Construction Services has a septic system installation starting today in Sharon, MA. The installation is for an entire system system including the septic tank, leach field and D-Box. We will install all of these components precisely as indicated on the design plan to ensure that the septic system operates correctly. It is […]

Cesspool Replacement in Rochester, MA

Down to Earth Construction Services have extensive experience replacing cesspools for customers who either have to replace it, often because it is failing, or because they wish to upgrade to a more environmentally responsible, cost effective and efficient septic system. Today we have a cesspool replacement for a customer in Rochester, MA. We also have […]

Providing Improvements to Customers Septic Systems

  Down to Earth Construction Services provide improvements to customers septic systems in addition to repairs. Today we are installing a septic alarm for a customer in North Attleboro who wants to ensure that they know if their septic system is not operating as it should. A septic alarm will notify the customer when a […]

Detectives Skilled at Locating the Septic Issue That Is Causing Your Septic Problem

  Down to Earth Construction Services are skilled at the ‘detective’ work that is sometimes required to locate the septic issue that is causing your septic problem. We not only have up to date equipment to help us with our investigations but also have extensive experience, knowledge and training to better able us to help […]