Septic Repair In Lakeville MA Including A Septic Pump Repair

Down to Earth Construction Services are attending a septic repair today for a residential customer located in Lakeville MA. Our customer noticed sewage smells coming from their septic tank and wisely chose to contact us to investigate further. The source of this problem was a faulty pump, which failed to keep up with the waste entering the system so the tank was getting too full which allowed gases to escape. We can actually provide a septic pump repair in this instance and save the customer from needing to replace the entire pump. We have in stock many septic pumps from different manufacturers including Blue Diamond, FujiClean and HiBlow and their rebuild kits so we can carry out repairs in many instances without having to wait to order in parts. We also have other septic repair appointments scheduled today in Rochester, Middleboro, Carver and Freetown MA. If you require a septic repair or if you have any questions about your septic system please do contact our Norton office on 508-622-5759 or visit Down to Earth Construction Services

Commercial Septic System Design For A Seekonk Property

Down to Earth Construction Services have experienced engineers who can provide you with a septic system design for your commercial or residential property. While all systems are individually designed for each site, most systems are based on the same principles. A conventional septic system consists of a septic tank, a distribution box and a drainfield, all connected by pipes, called conveyance lines. Your septic system treats your household or business wastewater by temporarily holding it in the septic tank where heavy solids and lighter scum are allowed to separate from the wastewater. This separation process is known as primary treatment. The solids stored in the tank are decomposed by bacteria and later removed, along with the lighter scum, by a professional septic tank pumper. After partially treated wastewater leaves the tank, it flows into a distribution box, which separates this flow evenly into a network of drainfield trenches. Drainage holes at the bottom of each line allow the wastewater to drain into gravel trenches for temporary storage. This effluent then slowly seeps into the subsurface soil where it is further treated and purified (secondary treatment). A properly functioning septic system does not pollute the groundwater. Details of the septic system will vary depending on many factors including the size of the lot, the topography, the soil type, proximity to environments such as wetlands or the ocean. We will design you a septic system that works for your property while also being cost effective, efficient and environmentally conscious. We have a septic system design meeting today at our Norton office for a commercial customer located in Seekonk MA. We have recently provided other septic system designs to residential and commercial customers in Clinton, Rochester and Attleboro MA. If you require a septic system design or if you have any questions about the septic services we provide or septic systems please do contact us at our Norton office on 508-622-5759 or visit

Meet Elizabeth Alves of Septic Preservation Services

Septic Preservation Services

Full Service Septic Design and Installation


Our trained experts at Septic Preservation services can assist with all your septic engineering needs! We can assist with services to improve or repair your property such as soil evaluations, septic design, land use planning, and

Septic Preservation Services preparing a new System for Installation!construction layouts for large or small commercial developments!  We can provide these services in Massachusetts, Maine, Rhode Island and Hawaii.
 Septic Preservation Services understands the details of septic requirements for Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Maine and Hawaii.  We will work with you and local code enforcement to ensure the design of your new or upgraded septic system will meet all required local laws and codes.

Septic Preservation Services offers a variety of septic system problem evaluation, installation, repair and maintenance services. Our trained staff of certified field technicians are available to provide a free, on-site septic system diagnosis and valuable advice based on thousands of successfully rehabilitated systems.

A little bit more about our company… Septic Preservation Services is a licensed, full-service provider who has been in business for over 25 years. We currently service several thousand treatment systems, working in Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont, but our clientele also extends to New York, Florida and Hawaii. Specific to your area, we have been a service provider specializing in I/A Technologies and have customers who own Singulair, FAST, White Knight and JET systems.

Call today for a Free Estimate at 877-378-4279 or visit

Down to Earth

Repairing or Replacing Your Septic System

Down to EarthDown to Earth Construction Services has the equipment, engineers and experience to repair or replace your septic system.  We have repairs scheduled for a customer today in Holliston, MA, who has reported a leach field problem.  We have the equipment to do excavations and back filling when necessary.  We will always keep disruption to a minimum, but some repairs do require extensive septic engineering and groundwork.  We also have septic repairs scheduled in Southborough, Berlin, Bolton, Marlborough, and Oxford, MA.  If you require septic repairs whether it is a small mechanical repair such as a septic pump repair, or a large drainfield issue, please contact our office to either answer your questions or make an appointment at508-622-5759 or visit

Down to Earth

Cesspool Services by Down to Earth Construction

Down to Earth Down to Earth Construction Services have experience working with customers whose properties have cesspools. A cesspool is a pit which acts as both a settling chamber for solids and a leaching system for liquids.  The use of cesspools may overload the capacity of the soil to remove bacteria, viruses, and phosphorus, and to nitrify ammonia and organic nitrogen compounds.  Cesspools must be treated to avoid harmful chemicals from forming and also to empty the pool.  This is the reason which makes a cesspool require a high cost of maintenance. Cesspools can also be harmful.  For example, if the cesspool is kept at a very deep level, it may come in contact with groundwater and contaminate it making it unsafe for drinking purposes. That is why cesspools are kept quite far away from the wells and underground water sources.  The cesspools may also prove to be dangerous because of the fact that the waste material may give rise to dangerous fumes.  We are starting a cesspool replacement today for a customer in Upton, MA whose cesspool failed a Title 5 Inspection because it was too close to a public water supply.  Title 5 does not require all Cesspools to be replaced but it does state that:


“ those cesspools that exhibit signs of hydraulic failure, are located extremely close to private or public water supplies, or otherwise fail to protect or pose a threat to public health, safety or the environment will need to be upgraded (310 CMR 15.303). Also, cesspools must be upgraded prior to an increase in design flow (e.g., the addition of a bedroom to a home or seats to a restaurant).” – The Official Website of the Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs Massachusetts.
We also have cesspool services for customers in Bridgewater, Stoughton, Canton, Freetown, and Sharon, MA.  If you have a cesspool and are either considering a replacement or need a service please do contact our office at 508-622-5759 or visit

Down to Earth

Septic Services by Down to Earth Construction

Down to Earth Down to Earth Construction Services has septic services scheduled for customers in Acushnet, Rochester, Marion, Carver, Taunton, Middleboro, and Berkley, MA today.  We conduct septic services for customers on a quarterly, biannual or annual basis depending on the septic system and customer’s request.  For the majority of services performed, property owners do not even need to be present.  We can take the worry and maintenance of your septic system off your shoulders so you have one less thing to organize.  If you need a septic service or have any questions about septic services please do contact our office at 508-622-5759 or visit

Down to Earth

Septic Inspections Scheduled Today by Down to Earth

Down to EarthDown to Earth Construction has Septic Inspections today in North Attleboro, Wrentham, Attleboro, Rehoboth, Mansfield, Lakeville, and Swansea, MA.  Obviously the weather at this time of year in Massachusetts can cause some delays, but the official website of the executive office of energy and environmental affairs states that:


“If weather conditions prevent an inspection before a sale, Title 5 allows the inspection to be done up to six months afterwards, provided that the seller notifies the buyer in writing of the need to complete the inspection.”
However we can work with sellers and can often arrange an inspection on short notice.  If you need to schedule a septic inspection or if you have any questions please do contact our office at 508-622-5759 or visit

Down to Earth

Septic System Repairs by Down to Earth

Down to Earth Down to Earth Construction has septic repairs scheduled today in Uxbridge, Blackstone, Bellingham, Upton, Holliston, and Franklin, MA. We have experience working with many types of septic systems and can therefore diagnose and fix many septic problems.  Today the septic repairs include a leach field issue, a drainfield repair, septic pump repair and D-Box fix.  If you are concerned that you septic system needs a repair or is not operating correctly, please do contact our office. Signs of a problem can include blocked or slow running drains and toilets, sewage smells in your property, puddling on your leach field, or a very green and lush drainfield in comparison to the rest of your grass. If you have any questions or wish to make an appointment please do contact our office at 508-622-5759 or visit


Protecting Your Septic System During the Winter Months

winter septic systemHow can you protect your septic system during the winter months?  Freezing can become an issue when the temperatures start to drop. The most vulnerable components are the pipes leading from the house into the septic tank.  Leaky fixtures such as faucets and toilets can keep a steady drip through the pipes which could freeze, blocking the pipes.  Other components which can potentially freeze are the tank, pipes leading to the drainfield and the drainfield itself.

Snow itself is a great insulator over your septic tank and leachfield.  Make sure you do not drive over your tank and leachfield.  Compacted snow can drive down the frost and increase your chances of freezing.  Driving over your leachfield and septic system is never a good idea in any season.  It can lead to damage to your system.    Grass is always a good choice for over your septic system or mulch if grass is not available.  It is a great insulator without deep roots to interfere with or damage your system.

Systems which are in use have a lesser possibility of freezing since liquid is always flowing through the system.  Homes which are used seasonally or sporadically have  a greater risk for freezing since the system is dormant much of the time.

Fixing leaky faucets and toilets before winter sets in can greatly lessen your chances of freezing occurring and also conserve water.  This can save you from costly repairs down the road.

If you suspect you have a problem, call a professional right away.  Septic Preservation Services has 24 emergency services for help with any septic emergency.  They can evaluate your system and make repairs if needed.   They also offer a great maintenance program to keep your septic system running smoothly year round.  Call them with all your questions at 877-378-4279 or visit