Leach Field Problem Solved in Attleboro, MA


Down to Earth Construction Services have been contacted by a customer who has a leach field problem at their Attleboro, MA property. A leachfield or a Soil Absorption System (SAS) is part of an on-site system: the area of ground and system of subsurface pipes or chambers into which partially treated wastewater from the septic tank or I/A system is discharged for final treatment and absorption by soil. Unfortunately a driveway was placed incorrectly over their leachfield. As stated by the Massachusetts Official Website of the Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs:

“Title 5 precludes using area under a driveway for a soil absorption system unless restrictions on the land leave no other feasible option. Impervious areas such as driveways or parking lots restrict air passing through the soils. In addition, the weight of the cars can compact the soil and may break distribution pipes. Lack of oxygen prevents the degradation of the septic tank effluent in the soil, and compaction reduces flow, making the system likely to clog and fail. Soil absorption systems which are placed under driveways are required, by 310 CMR 15.240 (7), to be vented to the atmosphere. Additional standards apply to system components in areas where automobile or other heavy equipment is anticipated.”

In this instance venting will not be sufficient so we are relocating their leach field to a more efficient location which will remove this problem and enable the property owners to keep their driveway in its present site. We have all of the equipment and expertise to ensure that this work is done correctly to reduce the likelihood of any further problems. If you require a septic repair, for a leachfield or another component, please do contact our office at 508-622-5759 where we will be happy to help.


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Down to Earth Down to Earth Construction Services has septic repairs including a leach field repair in Attleboro, Norton, Rehoboth, Seekonk, Fall River, Dighton, and Berkley, MA.  If you are seeing excessive growth on your leach field in comparison to the rest of your lawn, or it is very green compared to other parts of your yard, this may indicate you have a leach field problem.  Puddling or sewage smells on the leach field may also indicate a problem.  Leach field repairs can be caused by many different things but there are a few things that you can do to avoid problems such as:


  • Don’t drive on or park on your leach field
  • Don’t plant trees or large shrubs on your leach field
  • Direct water from your roof or land away from your leach field
  • Do plant grass and plants with shallow roots on your leach field

If you have concerns that your leach field or septic system are not operating correctly, or if you have any questions, please do contact our office at 508-622-5759 or visit www.downtoearthconst.com