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Down to Earth Construction Tackles Large and Small Septic Repairs

Down to Earth Down to Earth Construction Services are available if you have septic repairs that need to be done.  April showers are not just a saying and extensive rain at this time of year can lead to problems with your septic system if it is not properly maintained or used.  If you notice that your drain field is flooded and the water is not receding, or you have slow flowing drains, water backing up into your basement, slow flushing toilets, or strange noises coming from your plumbing, these could be indications that you might require a septic repair.  It is generally advisable to have problems addressed quickly to prevent larger or more expensive repairs or failures later on.  Down to Earth Construction Services are carrying out septic repairs for customers in North Attleboro, Plainville, Norton, West Bridgewater, Wrentham, and Attleboro today.  We take on smaller septic repairs, septic pump and d-box repairs, and larger projects such as leach field or drain field repairs. We have the equipment for excavating, if this is necessary, without having to reply upon contractors.  If you need to schedule a septic repair or if you have concerns or questions about your septic system please do contact our office at 508-622-5759 or visit

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Septic Pumps and Septic Alarms

Down to Earth Down to Earth Construction Services are installing a septic pump and septic alarm for a customer in Uxbridge, MA.  A septic pump moves wastewater from a septic pump tank to a drainfield, and septic systems with these pumps should also have a septic alarm.  The septic alarm will usually go off if wastewater is not being pumped to the drainfield as it should be.  It will signal if water has risen to an irregular level indicating a septic problem.  Down to Earth Construction Services has, in stock, many septic pumps with septic alarms, so if you need to have your pump replaced or if you need a septic alarm, we can install one on short notice.  We have installed septic pumps and septic pump alarms for customs recently in Berlin, Holliston, Carver, Oxford, Clinton, Marion and Marshfield, MA.  If you need a septic pump or septic pump and septic alarm repair or installation, please do contact our office to schedule an appointment at 508-622-5759 or visit

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Leach field or Drainfield Problems

Down to Earth Down to Earth Construction Services are available if you think you have a septic problem. If you have a septic system, there are various signs that you may have a leach field or drainfield problem. These can include:


  • Standing water on top of your leach field
  • Especially lush or green grass on top of your leach field in comparison to the rest of your yard
  • Water or sewage backing up into your home
  • Toilets not flushing or flushing slowly


There are various causes for these problems including:


  • Compacting of the leach field which can happen with cars or livestock using it
  • Excessive water usage
  • The tank not being pumped
  • Engineering or installation problems

Down to Earth Construction services has appointments for drainfield/ leach field repairs today in Attleboro and Dighton, MA. We have recently assisted customers with drainfield problems in Seekonk, Rehoboth, Sharon, Blackstone, Southborough, Upton, Bolton and Holliston, MA. We have experience determining the problem and fixing it with minimum disruption and in a timely manner. If you have concerns about your septic system or wish to arrange an appointment please contact our office at 508-622-5759 or visit