Septic Preservation Services Posting Educational Videos

        Septic Preservation Services will be posting on line educational films. Our goal is to continuously improve and toward that end we have produced a number of educational videos to assist homeowners as well as employees. We have been blessed with being able to take advantage of local inspections and projects in Rochester, Lakeville, Marion, and Raynham to film recent segments. Please view our videos on title 5 inspections, the engineering of new septic systems, how to clean an effluent filter, as well as many other videos.  Call 877-378-4279 for more information or visit  to view the latest videos.

Septic Preservation Services Has Been in Business over 30 Years

4/19/16 Septic Preservation Services has been in business for over 30 years servicing on site septic systems, advanced treatment units, and conducting septic inspections. Our professional staff is comprised of engineers, licensed title 5 septic inspectors, licensed septic repair men, and licensed septic installers. On April 19th our staff will be performing services on advanced treatment units and performing title 5 septic inspections in Marshfield, Rowley, Wellfleet, Eastham, Brewster, Sandwich, Dennis, and Yarmouth. If you have any questions please feel free to ask our professional staff or call our office at 877-378-4279 or visit

Septic Preservation Services Inspectors Complete Continuing Education

4/11/16 Septic Preservation Services strives to meet our customers needs. Our well trained licensed title 5 inspectors and wastewater operators that service Advanced Treatment Units maintain their skills by participating in continuous training. Recently we had team members participate in training at the Millbury, MA wastewater treatment plant, URI on site septic continuing education program, CPR training in Acushnet, and Advanced Treatment Unit product training in Taunton, MA. These ongoing training programs ensure that our team members provide the best septic services and inspections possible.  Call 877-378-4279 or visit


Septic Preservation Services has E on Grinder Pump Inventory

3/31/16 Septic Preservation Services has expanded its E one grinder pump inventory to better support our customers. Our inventory now includes alternative manufacturers to E one. These alternative grinder pumps now allow us to replace E one grinder pumps, Liberty grinder pumps, or Myers grinder pumps. Our inventory of E one grinder pumps and alternative grinder pumps is conveniently located to support all of our customers no matter if you are located in Acushnet, New Bedford, Fall River, Wareham or anywhere else in our service area.

Visit or call 877-378-4279

Septic Preservation Services In Maine

3/30/16 Septic Preservation Services expands its septic inspection operations in Maine. As a premier septic inspection company we are looking for people willing to be trained in the industry as a septic inspector to work as part of our inspection team. Our primary goal is to hire someone for the southern Maine area including York, Eliot, Cape Neddick, Ogunquit, Wells, North Berwick, South Berwick, and Sanford. Our secondary areas of focus are Shapleigh, Waterboro, Dayton, Lyman, Biddeford up to the Standish, Windham region. If you are interested in working with a professional team please call our office.  Call 877-378-4279


Identifying and Dealing with Septic Issues in Rhode Island

Rhode IslandMost people don’t realize that they have septic tank system problems until it is literally staring them in the face. One of the reasons why people have septic problems in Rhode Island, Massachusetts and everywhere else in the New England area is that it is easy to forget about the septic system until its too late. It is easy to see why not taking proper care of a septic system, getting it checked or inspected regularly and having it cleaned or pumped when necessary, is the most common cause of septic tank system problems.

Normal Household Use
What is normal? Today’s septic systems are designed to be able to handle the wastewater and waste based on the number of bedrooms in the home, plus one. The “plus one” in this case is to accommodate two adults in the master bedroom. If you live in a four bedroom home, for example, your septic system should be able to handle use by five people.

However, if you live in a three bedroom home, but have six adults taking showers, using the bathroom, doing laundry and using dishes, you just might be overloading your septic system. The best way to determine what “normal” household use should be for your particular septic system is to contact a Rhode Island or Massachusetts septic service company for a complete assessment.

Not only will a professional assessment help to determine whether or not your septic system is adequate for the number of people in your home, but it will also determine the age of the equipment, whether it is working efficiently and if anything needs to be repaired or replaced. Contact All-Clear Septic & Wastewater for information about having an assessment performed to determine and prevent septic tank system problems.

How to Care for a Septic System
Everything that goes down one of the drains in your home, ends up inside your septic system. This includes toilets, but also sinks, showers, washing machines and garbage disposals too. Little things can really add up and wreck havoc, causing a multitude of septic tank system problems.

Knowing what can and cannot be flushed down the toilet is a great place to start. If you have young children in your home, it pays to start teaching them at a young age that toilets and drains are not okay for disposing of garbage and other potentially damaging items. As you children grow older, reminding them not to flush feminine hygiene products or use harsh chemicals that could end up in the drain, will be part of learning how to care for a septic system.

Speak with your Rhode Island or Massachusetts septic service company for more information on responsible septic system ownership and for more tips on how to care for a septic system. Even if you have had a septic system your whole life, there are always new tips and ideas to help you reduce the number of back-ups, repairs and other problems required throughout the life of your septic system.

Regular Maintenance is Required
Even if you have never had a single problem with your septic system, it is important to hire a company to do regular check-ups to determine whether or not your tank will need to be pumped or cleaned. Contact All-Clear Septic & Wastewater to find out more about their Preventative Maintenance Program, which has been designed to help stay ahead of septic problems in Rhode Island and Massachusetts before they become costly repairs.

After just a few years of use, even a brand new septic tank will end up with a build-up of scum and sludge. As this layer of solids grows within the tank, the wastewater that passes through the tank on its way to your drainfield can end up passing through too fast. It can also cause the solid to plug up your septic pipes on the way to the drainfield.

Overfilling your tank with too much wastewater is another reason for many typical septic tank system problems. Inviting guests over for the weekend or hosting a party for a couple dozen people on a Wednesday night, can cause an overfill of the tank. If your septic system is unable to handle all the excess wastewater, it will quickly fill up your drainfield and flood it with sewage. The cost to recover from such an issue can end up costing much more than a regular maintenance program would have.

Call for an Assessment Today!
If you would like a professional assessment of your septic system by a licensed, certified and experienced Rhode Island and Massachusetts septic system company, call Septic Preservation Services.   Septic Preservation Services provides a variety of valuable services to septic tank owners throughout the Southcoast area. Call 877-378-4279 or visit

This blog was posted on on March 30, 2016.

Join the Septic Preservation Services Team

3/29/16 Septic Preservation Services is growing and interested in finding licensed title 5 septic inspectors to become part of our professional team. We have several opportunities throughout Massachusetts and Rhode Island. Our first area of interest is the south shore including Marshfield, Pembroke, Hanover, Halifax, and Plymouth. Our second area of interest is the south coast including Carver, Wareham, Middleboro, Rochester, Marion, Mattapoisett, Acushnet, and Dartmouth. Our third area of interest is in the region between Taunton, Foxboro, and Attleboro including Raynham, Rehoboth, Attleboro, North Attleboro, Wrentham, Mansfield, and Norton. If you have an interest in becoming part of a forward thinking well trained team please call our office.     877-378-4279

Septic Preservation Services Uploads to the Cloud

        Septic Preservation Services takes paperless service reports to the next level. All field reports are now created in the field on tablets and uploaded to the cloud. This allows all service technicians and licensed title 5 inspectors full access to field reports anywhere, from Plymouth, MA. Halifax, MA. North Smithfield, RI Cumberland, RI. York, ME or Wells, ME.. This histori information can help our technicians better serve our customers and resolve potential issues quicker.

Septic Preservation Offers Remote Dialers

          Septic Preservation Services offers remote dialers to alert us of septic problems or alarm conditions with your septic system. Once installed should your septic system experience an issue the auto dialer will text and email our professional service technicians informing them of the issue. This allows Septic Preservation Services to respond quicker to problems and reduces the risk of more serious problems. This can be especially valuable for rental properties or vacation homes where the owner may not be aware of issues. Even if the owner of a property lives in Wayland and the problem occurs at a property in Mansfield,  Septic Preservation Services will be alerted immediately and be able to respond, sometimes even before the owner is alerted to the issue.

Septic Preservation Services and the Flying Goose Brewery, NH

          Septic Preservation Services will be working with our clients at the Flying Goose Brewery in New London, NH to ensure that their septic system meets their needs for today as well as the future. Our progressive well trained staff is working to ensure that as the brewery grows the septic system will accommodate its needs. Wastewater from breweries has a very high organic content and is considered high strength wastewater. Because of the high organic content if the waste stream is not managed the leach field can prematurely fail. Septic Preservation Services specializes in high strength wastewater and has implemented the use of several state of the art waste treatment techniques to ensure that the septic system at the Flying Goose Brewery is able to serve the brewery far into the future.