Septic System Inspections Provided To Customers In Massachusetts

Down to Earth Construction Services regularly provide septic system installations and septic repairs for customers throughout the region. We have all of the equipment required for the excavation, installation and landscaping of a new septic system or large septic repair or replacement. We also, however, regularly provide other septic services including septic system inspections to customers who have a septic system and need an inspection. In Massachusetts a system inspection is required in the following instances:

  • Within 2 years before a sale. If weather conditions prevent inspection at the time of a sale, the inspection must take place within 6 months afterward.
  • When there is a proposed change to the facility which requires a building or occupancy permit.
  • Any change in the footprint of a building, to make sure that new building construction will not take place on top of any system components or on the system’s reserve area.
  • For large systems with a design flow of 10,000 to 15,000 gallons per day or more at full build-out, on the basin schedule shown in 310 CMR 15.301(6), and every five years thereafter.
  • Every 3 years for shared systems.
  • When the property is divided, or ownership of 2 or more properties is combined.
  • When MassDEP or the local Board of Health orders an inspection.

For more information see the Mass Gov Website.

Today we have septic system inspections scheduled in Wrentham, North Attleboro, Plainville, Blackstone, Bellingham and Franklin MA. If you require a septic inspection for your septic system or if you have any questions about septic systems please do not hesitate to contact us at our Norton office on 508-622-5759 or visit Down to Earth Construction Services