Septic Inspections From Realtor Referrals

Down to Earth Construction Services have many years experience working in this region in the septic industry. In this time we have gained an excellent reputation for the quality of our work and the reliability of our service. This is essential when a large potion of our work comes from word of mouth and referrals from other satisfied customers. Today we have septic inspections for customers who are selling homes in Bridgewater, Taunton, Middleboro, Raynham, Norton and Mansfield MA. Some of these inspections have come from referrals from a client’s realtor who has recommended our services to their seller. We have worked with many realtors in this region and they are happy to refer our services to their clients because they know that Down to Earth Construction Services provide reliable, thorough and professional inspections for their clients. If you require a septic inspection or if you have any questions about septic inspections please do contact our Norton office on 508-622-5759 or visit



Down to Earth Construction Services Wishes Everyone A Happy Thanksgiving

Down to Earth Construction Services wishes everyone a Happy Thanksgiving for tomorrow. We know our customers are also looking forward to Thanksgiving and food preparation is well underway for Thanksgiving Meals. We would like to remind our customers that it is not a good idea to put any type of cooking oil, fat or grease down the sink where it can enter your septic system. Whilst a well maintained septic system can cope with small amounts of fat, oil and grease, such as natural body oils that go into your septic system when you shower, if you regularly introduce cooking fats, oils and grease into your septic system it could result in a septic system failure if left . Just remember when you are making your beautifully juicy turkey dinner do not pour the fat, oil or grease down your sink. We have been conducting Septic Repairs in Stoughton, Bridgewater, Middleboro, Carver, Taunton and Norton MA that could have been easily avoided with a little knowledge and preventative measures. If you have a question about your septic system or you need to schedule a septic repair please contact us on 508-622-5759 or visit

Down To Earth Construcution Services Have Extensive Experience With Septic Engineering, Design and Installation

Down to Earth Construction Services have a Septic System Installation starting today in Norton MA. We have extensive experience with septic engineering and can design and install a new septic system for clients which is tailored to their individual requirements taking in factors such as property usage, bedrooms, environment and location. We have the equipment necessary to do the excavation and installation without needing to outsource work so we can ensure that your septic system is installed correctly and in a timely manner with minimum disruption. We have installed septic systems recently for customers in Southborough, West Bridgewater and Middleboro MA. If you need to have a new septic system installed or if you have any questions please do contact our office on 508-622-5759 or visit


Experienced Diagnosing Septic System Problems and Repairing Them

Down to Earth Construction Services is experienced diagnosing problems and repairing septic systems and leach fields/ drainfields. We have been called in for a leach field repair in Acushnet MA which has been caused by irregular pumping of the septic system. A septic tank should be pumped every 3 – 5 years depending on various factors including water usage and tank size. If the tank fills up with an excess of solids, the wastewater will not have enough time to settle in the tank. These excess solids will then pass on to the leach field, where they will clog the drain lines and soil. The property owner called us concerned because they had liquid puddling on their leach field and sewage smells coming from the drainfield.

We also have other septic repairs today in Middleboro, Taunton, Freetown, Lakeville and East Bridgewater MA.

If you are concerned that you may need a septic system repair, leach field or drainfield repair, septic pump repair or d-box repair please do contact our Norton office to discuss your concerns and to make an appointment if necessary on 508-622-5759 or visit



Septic System Installation by Down to Earth Construction

Timely Septic System Services

Septic Designs Tailored to Your Needs

septic designs Down to Earth Construction Services are experienced producing septic system designs that are tailored to your home’s individual needs and requirements. Your septic system design will need to reflect your property’s needs as well as taking into account environmental factors.

We are currently designing a septic system for a customer in Middleboro, MA, which of course, is specific to that environment and customer’s needs.  This property has the challenge of being on a relatively small plot, but we have experience with septic systems that are specifically meant to overcome this obstacle, so we can design a septic system that is efficient and cost effective even with this restraint.  If you need a new septic system or are considering replacing an old system, please call our Norton, MA ,office for more information, or to set up a septic system design consultation.  You can reach us at 508-622-5759 or visit

Proper Septic Installation Is Key

Down to Earth

Down to Earth Construction Services Perform Septic System Services

Down to Earth Down to Earth Construction Services has septic system services for customers today in Rochester, Freetown, Mansfield, Middleboro, Raynham, Berkley, and Norton, MA.  We service septic systems on a quarterly, biannual, or annual basis depending on the needs of our customer and those of their septic system.  Proper preventative maintenance can extend the life of your septic system.  Systems that are not regularly maintained will average less than 20 years, however studies conducted by field professors, scientists, and engineers, reveal that proper maintenance can help a septic system to last indefinitely. This can save a homeowner thousands of dollars over a lifetime.  If you would like to arrange a septic system service or if you have any questions about our plans, please do contact our office at 508-622-5759 or visit

Down to Earth

Title 5 Inspections in Massachusetts Today

Down to Earth Down to Earth Construction Services has Title 5 Septic Inspections today in Norton, Middleboro, Lakeville, Fairhaven, Freetown, Acushnet, and Marion, Massachusetts.   We have relationships with many condominium associations because condominiums with five or more units must be inspected once every three years.  Those with four or fewer units must be inspected every three years, or within two years prior to the sale of one of the units.  We also work with many realtors in the region on a repeat basis because they recommend our services to their clients.  We provide a thorough, professional and quick service to our customers, so they are happy to work with us repeatedly.  If you require a Title 5 Septic Inspection or if you have any questions please do contact our office at 508-622-5759 or visit


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