Septic Breakdowns Located and Fixed

Down to Earth Construction Services take pride in the excellent reputation we have in the region for our knowledge and experience of Septic Systems. Our clients can be confident if they have a septic breakdown that we can not only locate the cause of the problem but also fix it! Often a customer will call us because they have a problem that they think may be caused by their septic system but, understandably, don’t know exactly what is causing their problem or how to fix it. For example the smell of sewage coming from your plumbing can certainly be a septic problem but may have a number of route causes. We will find the exact cause of the septic problem and can often suggest a number of solutions for our customers. Today we have septic repairs scheduled in North Attleboro, Plainville, Seekonk, Wrentham and Foxboro MA. If you have a concern about your septic system or wish to schedule a septic repair appointment please do contact our Norton office on 508-622-5759 or visit

Septic Inspections Protect You From Public Health Threats

Down to Earth Construction Services know that:

“across the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, failing septic systems and cesspools are a major cause of contaminated drinking water, tainted shellfish beds and polluted beaches. Title 5 of the State Environmental Code protects you, your family and your neighbors from these public health threats by requiring inspection of private sewage disposal systems before the sale, expansion or change in use of properties where they are present. Inspection results are reported to local boards of health. Most systems will pass inspection. Systems that fail must be repaired or upgraded.
If you own a home with a septic system or cesspool and have plans to put it up for sale, add a bedroom or convert it to a different use, you will need to have your system inspected – and possibly fixed or replaced.” Mass Gov Website.

Down to Earth Construction Services have septic licensed inspectors who can work with your schedule to carry out your septic inspection. Today we have septic inspections in Bellingham, Blackstone, Foxboro, Franklin, Wrentham and Plainville MA. If you would like to schedule a septic inspection or if you have any questions about septic inspections please do contact our Norton office on 508-622-5759 or visit

Detectives Skilled at Locating the Septic Issue That Is Causing Your Septic Problem


Down to Earth Construction Services are skilled at the ‘detective’ work that is sometimes required to locate the septic issue that is causing your septic problem. We not only have up to date equipment to help us with our investigations but also have extensive experience, knowledge and training to better able us to help our clients. We endeavour to not only locate the problem but also recommend a repair that will fix this septic issue and ensure that you do not have a the same septic failure in the future.

Today we have septic repairs scheduled in Mansfield, Franklin, Foxboro, North Attleboro and Plainville MA. If you require a septic repair or you are concerned that you have a problem with your septic system please do contact our Norton office at 508-622-5759 or visit

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