Septic Preservation Services Offers Free Classes

3/28/16 Septic Preservation Services offers free classes to Realtors titled “Septic Savvy”. This class is designed to educate all people about septic system design, maintenance, use, and inspections. Whether you’re a Realtor, home owner, seller, or buyer of a home,  this class is very informative. No matter where you are, our on-line course offers easy  access from Taunton, Plymouth, Norton, Attleboro, Medway, or Foxboro. If you are close to one of our regional offices such as Norton you could visit and get a one on one class.

Septic Preservation Services Uploads to the Cloud

        Septic Preservation Services takes paperless service reports to the next level. All field reports are now created in the field on tablets and uploaded to the cloud. This allows all service technicians and licensed title 5 inspectors full access to field reports anywhere, from Plymouth, MA. Halifax, MA. North Smithfield, RI Cumberland, RI. York, ME or Wells, ME.. This histori information can help our technicians better serve our customers and resolve potential issues quicker.

Septic Preservation Offers Remote Dialers

          Septic Preservation Services offers remote dialers to alert us of septic problems or alarm conditions with your septic system. Once installed should your septic system experience an issue the auto dialer will text and email our professional service technicians informing them of the issue. This allows Septic Preservation Services to respond quicker to problems and reduces the risk of more serious problems. This can be especially valuable for rental properties or vacation homes where the owner may not be aware of issues. Even if the owner of a property lives in Wayland and the problem occurs at a property in Mansfield,  Septic Preservation Services will be alerted immediately and be able to respond, sometimes even before the owner is alerted to the issue.

Septic Preservation Services and the Flying Goose Brewery, NH

          Septic Preservation Services will be working with our clients at the Flying Goose Brewery in New London, NH to ensure that their septic system meets their needs for today as well as the future. Our progressive well trained staff is working to ensure that as the brewery grows the septic system will accommodate its needs. Wastewater from breweries has a very high organic content and is considered high strength wastewater. Because of the high organic content if the waste stream is not managed the leach field can prematurely fail. Septic Preservation Services specializes in high strength wastewater and has implemented the use of several state of the art waste treatment techniques to ensure that the septic system at the Flying Goose Brewery is able to serve the brewery far into the future.

Septic Preservation Services Starts Spring Service Visits

         While we prepare to enjoy the spring Septic Preservation Services would like to remind our customers that we have started our spring service visits. Please make water available, trim any overgrown bushes or plants back, and remember to follow good practices for the use of your septic system. If you need tips on Septic Do’s & Don’ts please check out our website or call our office. Massachusetts services will performed this week in Stow, Acton, Concord, Westford, Wayland, Marshfield, Hanover, Hanson, and Norwell. Please remember to keep the access covers to your septic system readily available to our service technicians as you do your spring clean up.

Septic Preservation Services Meets with Strategic Partners

         Septic Preservation Services is meeting with our strategic partners to expand our resources and provide more comprehensive services to our customers. With our comprehensive team Septic Preservation Services provides septic pumping, drain cleaning, service of advanced treatment units, title 5 septic inspections, septic system designs, and septic system installations. These services are provided throughout Massachusetts and Rhode Island.

Septic Preservation Services and The Flying Goose Brew Pub and Grill



The Flying Goose Brew Pub & Grille is a family run restaurant offering their own Handcrafted Brews on tap paired with delicious meals to satisfy every member of the family.

Current owner, Tom Mills, has owned and operated The Flying Goose since its start in 1993. In 1996, he gave what was known originally as The Four Corners Grille a unique identity by creating a micro-brewery. Mills put his heart and soul into rebuilding what is now The Flying Goose Brew Pub & Grille.



In 2011, they became the 1st Solar Powered Brewery in NH using a Solar Hot Water System and a breathtaking Photovoltaic Array. The carbon footprint has diminished significantly since they have added these tremendous systems.  Besides the many awards that their Brews have earned, they taste THAT much better knowing they were made using a little natural energy from the sun!

The oil burning furnace was replaced with a wood pellet furnace that provides heat for the entire building.  You might notice the large silver silo out back that holds the pellets.



In 2014, Septic preservation services was contacted to help the Brewery with managing its wastewater. The existing onsite system was inadequate for the volume and type of wastewater being produced by the brewery. They were looking for a way to treat the wastewater in a way that continued the green philosophy the brewery had been committed to. They already had taken the steps to provide the spent grain to local farmers for feed as well as using some in-house for special treats. The yeast and other natural byproducts from brewing have been separated out and now go to other local farms to be used for soil amendments. Septic Preservation Services provided the design, installation, set-up and service of a new completely separate wastewater system for just the brewery. The system is designed to treat the wastewater organically with a special bacteria that consumes and transforms the wastewater to clean water to be dispersed back to the earth.

Visit or call 877-378-4279 and see how they can help you with all your septic needs, whether New Hampshire, Maine, Massachusetts or Rhode Island.  We have the answers to all your septic questions.

Septic Preservation Services in Area Massachusetts Towns

3/18/16 Septic Preservation Services will be servicing advanced treatment systems and performing septic inspections in the following areas on March 24th; Marshfield, Hanson, Hanover, Norwell, Carver, Plymouth, Wareham, and Rochester. If you have questions or would like a free consultation please feel free to speak to our professional service technician or call our office.

Septic Preservation Services Conducting Title 5 Inspections

3/18/16 Septic Preservation Services will be conducting title 5 septic inspections and services on advanced treatment units in Wayland, Acton, Westford, Stow, Hudson, and Groveland on March 22nd. If you have any questions please feel free to consult our professional septic inspectors.

Septic Preservation Services in Rhode Island

3/18/16 Septic Preservation Services will be performing septic inspections and services on advanced treatment units in Westerly, RI. Bradford, RI, Charlestown, RI South Kingstown, RI. Kingstown, RI. and North Kingstown on March 21st. During these septic inspections and services our professional team will ensure that your septic system is functioning properly. If you have any questions please feel free to consult with our professional service technicians or call our office.