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          cropped-cropped-downtoearthconst_2016-logo.jpg Down to Earth Construction Services are a locally based and owned company in Norton, MA that have a long history of providing professional, quality service to their customs in the region. We have years of experience working in this area so have expertise and knowledge of these towns individual Septic requirements and so we can ensure that our work is carried out legally meeting all town ordinances.

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Title 5

FAQ on Title 5

FAQ on Title 5

What do I need to do to sell my house or build an addition on my home?

If you own a home that has a private sewage treatment system in the State of Massachusetts, you are required to have a State-Certified Title 5 Inspector perform an official Title 5 Inspection on your system prior to selling your home or building an addition.

What is a Title 5 Inspection?

Since 1995, the State of Massachusetts has required homeowners to have their private sewage treatment system check thoroughly by a State-Certified Title 5 Inspector. Here is what you can expect from an official Title 5 Inspection – the inspector will:

  • conduct an interview with the property owner
  • research the paperwork for your property at your city’s Board of Health Department
  • survey the general size of the building or list a summary of the number of bedrooms
  • inspects the connection from the house/building to the system
  • inspects the inlet/outlet of the septic tank
  • examines the integrity of the tank
  • measures the liquid/contents of the tank
  • examines the integrity of the distribution box
  • measures the liquid/contents of the distribution box
  • checks the soil absorption system (SAS) condition
  • checks the relation of the system’s water table to the SAS
  • examines the integrity of the pipes using a special “sewer cam” (SPS specialty service, not required by the state)
  • provides an official 17-page document to the local approving authority and the owner, including all findings and a detailed sketch of the system

Is it possible to get an inspection even if I am not selling my home?

Yes, this type of inspection is called a Voluntary Assessment. All of the same steps in the above inspection detail will be taken, however the 17-page document will NOT be sent to your local approving authority – it is for your information only. A Voluntary Assessment is a great way to find out more about your own septic system.  Septic Preservation Services highly recommends this to our clients as a means of properly maintaining, upgrading and repairing your system to prolong its life. Ask us about additional services we can provide to ensure the proper working of your septic system.

Can I get a Voluntary Assessment performed even if I don’t live in Massachusetts?

Yes, Septic Preservation Services is also certified to perform inspections in the State of Rhode Island.

Should I get my system pumped or cleaned before I get an inspection?

Absolutely not. The State of Massachusetts requires that your system be inspected under “normal use conditions” for a minimum of 2 weeks or more. If your system needs pumping during this period, we can arrange to have it done for you while the components of your system are exposed.

Will my landscaping be affected by the inspection?

The SPS team is very respectful to the landscaping of your home or property. In order to minimize the amount of physical work required to perform your inspection, we use state-of-the-art locating equipment that helps us to locate your system components within a 4-inch radius. We also use a specialized “sewer cam” to let us inspect your pipes without having to dig them up. Any sod that needs to be removed is cut carefully and laid on tarps so it can be neatly replaced when your inspection is complete.

Visit for all your questions or call 877-378-4279.  We are happy to talk to you and put your fears to rest.


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Down to Earth Construction have Scheduled Inspections

                       cropped-cropped-downtoearthconst_2016-logo.jpg Down to Earth Construction Services have Inspections scheduled in Dighton, Rehoboth and Seekonk this week. If you live in these towns, or are selling/purchasing a home in this area please contact our office to arrange your Title 5 Septic Inspection at 508-622-5759 or visit

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Down to Earth Construction’s Septic System Emergency Services

      cropped-cropped-downtoearthconst_2016-logo.jpg Down to Earth Construction Services have personnel always available so that we can address your Septic System Emergencies at short notice. Have peace of mind knowing that if you have a Septic emergency we are able to ensure that we can provide assistance to our customs.  Call us at 508-622-5759 or visit

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Down to Earth Hires Title 5 Inspector

                   cropped-cropped-downtoearthconst_2016-logo.jpg Down to Earth Construction Services has hired a Title 5 Licensed Inspector from Franklin to carry out inspections in the areas of Bellingham, Wrentham, Blackstone, Plainville, Foxboro and between. We pride ourselves in hiring the best qualified personnel so we can quickly, professionally, and expertly continue to provide and improve upon our services for our customers.

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Down to Earth Construction Schedules Title 5 Inspections

       cropped-cropped-downtoearthconst_2016-logo.jpg  Down to Earth Construction Services have Title 5 Inspections scheduled in Freetown, MA. If you live in Freetown, Taunton, Fall River, Lakeville, Middleboro or are moving into the area and require a Title 5 Inspection please contact our office at 508-622-5759 or visit 

laundry habits

Laundry Habits and Septic Systems


Laundry habits can directly affect your septic system.  There are many things to consider when buying a washing machine.  Wlaundryashers are high water usage appliances second to your toilet.  Choosing a high efficiency washer can make a big difference in water usage and fuel bills.   Both top-loading and front loading high efficiency washers use less water and cost less to operate, and reduce drying time by extracting more water during the spin cycle.  This is good news for your septic system and energy bills.  Front-loaders have usually received a better efficiency score since they generally use less water than top-loading washers but high efficiency top loaders score high also.

Lint from the washer into the septic system can also be a problem.   Lint is non-biodegradable since it is made up of polyester and nylon which is synthetic.  Over time this can clog up the soil treatment system(leach field) and reduce the life of the system costing the homeowner thousands of dollars.  A laundry  filter can be added to the washing machine discharge hose to which will remove most lint and some detergent scum from laundry wastewater.  The laundry filter is a good investment toward the longevity of your septic system.    Call All Clear for a price quote on laundry filter installation

Laundry detergents also can have an effect on your septic system.  Powered detergents and liquid detergents contain basically the same ingredients.  Liquid forms and pre-packaged packets have become popular recently.  They all perform pretty much the same but packets do not allow you to use less for each load.   Some detergents still contain phosphorous but it has been banned in most places.  A high amount of suds is never a good idea for your septic system.  Try using about half of the recommended amount and see if your clothes are clean.  You can always add a little more to get the desired cleanliness.

Most commercial brands of laundry soap leave a chemical residue on your clothes.  Vegetable-based laundry soap is a better choice.  Powders usually contain fewer chemicals than liquids.  Try pure soap flakes instead of detergent — add 1/2 cup of borax or vinegar to the rinse cycle to remove soapy residue.  Enzyme-based detergents  can be irritating to the skin and are a cause of allergic reactions.  You can also try being creative and making your own detergent.  There are many recipes online.

Septic Preservation Services can help with any questions you may have on this issue including lint filters.  Call them at 877-678-4279 or visit


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Down to Earth Construction Services in Weyland, MA

         Down to Earth  Down to Earth Construction Services are carrying out septic repairs this week for a customer in Weyland MA. We are in your area so if you live in or near Marlborough, Southborough, Holliston, Oxford, Uxbridge, or Weyland, MA, please contact us for your Septic System repairs at 508-622-5759 or visit

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Down to Earth Working in Southern Massachusetts

          Down to Earth Construction Down to Earth Construction Services are working in southern Massachusetts to improve customers’ septic systems. We have designed and installed a septic system in Norton, MA for a commercial client. We are able to assist customers from Septic Inspection, initial consultation, Septic System design and then installation. We have all of the equipment and expertise necessary so if you require information or Septic System Installation please contact our office at 508-622-5759 or visit

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Down to Earth Construction Carries Out Septic Requirements

       Down to Earth Construction Down to Earth Construction Services can carry out your septic requirements from initial septic system design to septic system installation. We have installed systems in Attleboro, Norton, North Attleboro and Plainville this year and have more scheduled in the area. For more information call our office at 508-622-5759 or visit