Title 5 Septic Inspections In The Beautiful New England Fall

Down to Earth Construction Services are enjoying the Fall and beautiful scenery it brings with leaves changing and apples and pumpkins galore. However in New England Fall storms are also unavoidable. It is something that we are all used to and stormy days do not stop us working. Today we have Title 5 Septic Inspections in Canton, Sharon, Stoughton, Foxboro, Mansfield and Franklin MA. However should a septic inspection not be able to take place the State of Massachusetts makes allowances

“If weather conditions prevent an inspection before a sale, Title 5 allows the inspection to be done up to 6 months afterwards, provided that the seller notifies the buyer in writing of the need to complete the inspection.”

If we do find that we have to rearrange an inspection we will endeavour to find a time and date that is convenient to your timeline and schedule.

If you need to have a Title 5 Septic Inspection or if you have any questions about septic systems or septic inspections please do contact our Norton Office on 508-622-5759 or visit Down to Earth Construction Services